My Followers (=

feel jealous with them ='(

OMG !!..i have many pretty n gorgeous girl's friend..i feel jealous with them..i admit it honestly..
i want to be a pretty and popular girl like theemmm..uhuk uhuk uhuk !!! but its cant be happen forever,right??
they can get whatever they wanted to have it..but not like me..difficult for me to get what i want..wuwuwuwuwu!! very upset..but,nevermind..thats all not so important in our daily i right??..of course u always be right,farahin =)..haha..only get jealous for a minute..after that,i become very happy..wahhhhhhh!!!...happy n happy because i was born to be a kind and understanding friend..*smile for 10 minutes* ..if u dont believe me u cant ask my beloved friends..hahaha

its normal if some person will get jealous with their friends around them..normal meyh !!!..sometimes its make me believe myself that i have somethin' special that can make other people get jealous with me..whatttt??????..somebody get jealous with me???quiet suprise =DD ..wahhh!!..really gud news for farahin..haha

p/s:dont get jealous with other yourself :) believe that we still has a friend who was the one will feel jealous with us everyday =*
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